Administration of orders

The core module of any maintenance application is the management and control of all work groups and suppliers and their workers in completing the planned and unplanned jobs.

SMaintain offers a wide variety of functions to support this challenge. 

Workflows can be created and the process from the IT supported job request with the assignment of a job or the acceptance of a job order can be visualized.
Also, once the job or job position is assigned to a workgroup and the workers, there are many possibilities for the implementation and execution of the jobs.

SMaintain supports the process flow from the easy "quick feedback." This allows the user to create and feedback a completed job with all the relevant information, in one step to the split up process of job requisition, assignment with capacity planning, acceptance and execution progress control, until the last feedback, with optional approval.
SMaintain also supports flexible and personalized layout support, which presents the view of the current data exactly the way the current user is supposed to see that information. This can be defined in an easy graphical user interface.